Grand Jury & Investigation Representation

Even if you have not had charges filed, you need an attorney if you are facing accusations or are under investigation.

What is a grand jury?

Grand juries are a little different from regular juries. For starters, grand juries don’t decide if you are innocent or guilty. Instead, if you’re accused of a felony charge, a grand jury decides whether there is enough evidence for you to be formally charged. Even though your attorney can’t be in the room with you, they can still help guide you through this process.

Mr. Smith is experienced in providing advice and representing clients who are under investigation before charges are filed in a case. Many people make the mistake of not immediately securing legal representation when they learn that they have been accused of a crime. In many such situations, it is critical to carefully assert legal rights afforded to the accused and respond to the accusations appropriately. Failure to do so can significantly reduce one’s ability to successfully defend against the accusation, even if it is false. On the other hand, a careful response to the accusation can lead to a successful conclusion of the investigation before any charges are filed.

Scott Smith can help you assert your rights and assist you in refuting the accusations before being charged, or continue to successfully defend you if the charges are filed. Contact us now.