Cyber Crimes

Have you been accused of an internet or computer crime? Do you face charges based on digital evidence? You need an experienced attorney who knows how to defend you against charges of cyber crimes.. 

What Is a Cyber Crime?

Any crime that uses or targets a computer is a cyber crime, also known as a computer crime. That includes not just your computer, but your phone, tablet, or other device. The term cyber crime covers many different charges. For example, all of these offenses are cyber crimes:

  • Internet fraud
  • Downloading illegal online pornography, such as child porn
  • Hacking
  • Cyber bullying
  • Cyber stalking
  • Identity theft
  • Online solicitation of a minor

To be clear, those are only some examples.  There are both federal and Texas laws against cyber crimes. Further, both the federal and Texas governments will pass new laws as technology develops. Cyber crime continues to become more common because our daily lives involve computers more and more. As computer crimes are more prosecuted, having an attorney familiar with the changing legislation and technology becomes more important.

What is digital evidence? Why does it matter to my case if I don’t face cyber crime charges?

Just as more people face cyber crime charges, more cases involve digital evidence. Digital evidence means any evidence gathered from computers or other technology. The following scenarios are possible examples of cases using digital evidence:

  • Federal agents tap your phone to prove someone is selling drugs.
  • Police obtain somebody’s chat history to support the accusation that he is having sex with a minor.
  • Prosecutors share your Google Maps history with the jury. Your location history supports an assault victim’s story.

Even though in these cases the charges didn’t qualify as cyber crimes, the prosecution used digital evidence. If you face a similar situation, your attorney has to defend you from accusations. That means taking digital evidence into account.

What experience does Mr. Smith have with cyber crimes and digital evidence?

Mr. Smith has defended numerous people from cyber crime charges. He has fought even more cases that use digital evidence. On top of that, he also can practice in federal court. An attorney eligible to fight cases in federal court can defend you from charges often even more serious than those tried in state court. Besides trying cyber crime cases in court, Mr. Smith has lectured on cyber crimes and wiretapping. He works with forensic experts to gather and analyze digital evidence. Consequently, he is equipped to defend you against charges reliant on digital evidence.

If you face charges of a cyber crime or other charges based on digital evidence, contact Mr. Smith for experienced and dedicated defense.