Federal Criminal Defense Attorney – Austin, Texas

If you are facing federal charges or are under federal investigation, you need an attorney experienced in federal cases. Federal prosecutors are more aggressive and have more resources and federal charges are more serious. Scott Smith is licensed to practice in federal court and has successfully defended clients from federal charges, like large-scale financial crimes, federal weapons offenses, and high level drug crimes.

Though most cases filed in Texas are tried in State Court, some cases are filed in United States Federal Courts. For the most part, federal cases involve more serious charges. Scott Smith is an experienced federal criminal attorney licensed to practice in U.S. federal court. He has decades of experience defending people on many different charges. For example, some of the cases he has tried involve:

  • accusations of conspiracies
  • high level drug crimes
  • federal weapons offenses
  • national security
  • cyber crimes
  • child pornography
  • large-scale financial crimes like mortgage fraud, bank fraud, and visa fraud

Federal prosecutors usually focus on fewer cases and more serious accusations. Additionally, they usually have more resources available to do so. For these reasons, all federal accusations and investigations should be taken especially seriously. If you have been accused of an offense in federal court, you specifically need a federal criminal defense attorney. Besides being licensed to practice in federal court, your attorney has to be familiar with the procedures and laws of federal court, which are different from those used in state court.  

If you are facing federal charges or are under federal investigation call us now.