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Computer Related Crimes

An increasing number of accusations involve computer related issues including charges of online card fraud, internet fraud, illegal interception of electronic communications and acquisition of stored electronic communications and internet pornography. Mr. Smith handles many cases that pertain specifically to the use of computers and actions taken over the Internet. With increasing frequency many cases involve evidence which originates on or is stored on computers. We have specialized knowledge and experience in dealing with cyber-evidence and issues involving privacy of electronic communications. Mr. Smith has lectured on the topics of Computer Related Crimes -New Problems/Old Solutions (Austin Criminal Defense Lawyers’ Association Presentation – 2007), or Lack Thereof and Wiretapping and Spoilation (Austin Bar Association Bench Bar Conference April 4, 2014). We are also experienced in working with cyber-forensic experts to locate, preserve and analyze digital data that may be helpful in defending persons accused of internet related offenses. If your case involves such issues, feel free to contact us to discuss these matters.